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The view is unique looking down to the natural port of Pylos and the Ionian Sea. The place serves as the point of departure for excursions to the archaeological sites ‘Paliokastro’ and ‘Niokastro’ in Pylos, to the green village of Gialova and the quiet lagoon ‘Divari’.

You should definitely visit Gialova (distance: 7km), which is included in the Programme NATURA 2000. Gialova is a village surrounded by lemon, orange and olive trees, in the Navarino bay, next to the lagoon in the area, the most important aquatic biotope of Southern Greece, an invaluable stop for the migrant birds (grey marabous, flamingos, pelicans, king eagles etc.) It is the only place in Europe where the African chameleon lives and reproduces. Don’t forget to visit the waterfalls of Schinolaka (passing through dense vegetation, you will find yourself in a hidden paradise of small lakes and running water).

A wide network of paths (marked routes) or a cycling tour could make your holidays more beautiful any time of the year.

In the area around there are more interesting landscapes of unique natural beauty, such as the valley of Neda and the waterfalls of Polylimni and Valta.

For those who travel by car, ‘Traganitsa’ is the passing spot to visit numerous sites and villages of Messinia, providing the opportunity for beautiful excursions and tours. Pylos is a picturesque port with traditional mansions, a colourful square with planes, churches and cobblestone paths.

A particular advantage of ‘Traganitsa’ apartments is that is 10-15 minutes you may reach the picturesque fish village of Marathopoli via the shore route. Every morning you may buy fresh fish from the fishermen’s boats at the small port.

At Marathopoli, or Marathos, the tourists has a lot of options for his amusement and enjoyment, such as restaurants, fish taverns, Internet cafes, cafeterias, bars, clubs, most of them onshore. The super-market, the tobacco shop, the bakery and the gas station stay open until late at night.
During the summer you may spend a pleasant day in the island ‘Proti’ which has no habitants. You may have easy access to it by boat from the port of Marathopoli which is just a nautical mile (about 1850m) away. Enjoy the peace and the quietness of the remote idyllic beach of ‘Vourlia’, explore the shipwreck in the center of the small bay. Don’t forget to take with you whatever you need for a pic-nic.


Archaeological sites

If you love archaeological sites, the apartments ‘Traganitsa’ are the ideal point of departure for daily excursions to the numerous important archaeological sites of the area around, such as Ancient Olympia, Nestor’s Palace, the Archaeological museum of Chora, the temple of Epikourios Apollon at the north borders of Messinia with Elia, the Mycenaean tholos tombs of Tragana and Chora, the castles of Pylos (Niokastro), of Methoni, of Koroni, and the exquisite archaeological site of Ancient Messini (Ithomi).

Ancient Messini is one the most important cities of the antiquity as far as the size, the buildings and the conservation level; still much is to be found as the excavations are in progress. Apart from the sacred public buildings, the site has imposing fortification, houses and tombs. It has the unique privilege not to have been destroyed or covered by later buildings. It is located in the middle of an ecologically unimpaired environment; the natural beauty of the area combines the mountain grandeur of Delphi and the fluvial peace of the Olympia area, with the imposing limestone mountain volume of Ithomi, where the ancient acropolis is located, and the fertile valley around the ancient city. From the apartments ‘Traganitsa’ you may reach Ancient Messini by car if you follow the route to Pylos-Marathopoli-Kyparissia-Meligala, or the route Marathopoili – Pylos- Messini- ancient Ithomi-Meligala.


Outstanding beaches in Western Messinia and the Ionion Sea are full of tourists from all over the world attracted by the sea, the sun and the cool climate even in the summer.
Tragana is a small quiet village. Because of its location up to a hill, it looks like a ‘balcony’ of the area of  Pylia. It is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches of Western Messinia: Voidokilia, Golden beach at Gialova, Glyfadaki, Petrochori, Mati, Vromoneri, Lagouvardos etc. Although the closest beach (Mati) is located only 1500m away from the apartments, access to it is made by car or bicycle.
Golden beach (Μati)
Mati beach with its golden sand colour is the closest beach to the ‘Traganitsa’ apartments.  It is the longest beach of Western Messinia, with quiet spots for those who wish to swim alone; there is a small cafeteria in the middle. In the summer it is very probable to see sea-turtles Caretta-caretta coming out the water on the beach to lay their eggs.
Voidokilia is certainly the most popular beach of Messinia.  It is a sheltered beach of fine, light sand inside an almost circular bay of outstanding beauty with crystal clear blue-green waters. The unique form of the bay as well as its location in the lagoon make the waters shallow and cool. Next to the beach, there is a huge rock on the top of which you may see the ‘Palaiokastro’ (Old castle) an archaeological site of the 13th century, designated as a European Ecological Natura 2000 site as well.  You may climb up the hill to Nestor’s cave and to the north gate of the castle to enjoy the panoramic view to the Gialova lagoon and the bay of Pylos.
You may reach Voidokilia in less than 15 minutes by car; there is a parking area (Distance: 9km). Vromoneri
Small and picturesque port. Its name comes from the thermal baths gushing out from the rocks. (Distance: 5km).

You may find more wonderful beaches around in Methoni, Koroni and Finikunda.