"White" and "stone" houses

At the village of Tragana there is a private property of 7.000m2, where the main building, the owners’ house was built some years ago; since they enjoyed having friends around, they had always a ‘full house’, receiving and accommodating their friends and family. Thats why after some time they decided to create two beautiful buildings in their property, known anour home in the area; these are the apartments ‘Traganitsa’.

A stone country cottage was transformed into two independent furnished apartments of 40 m2 each; they satisfy any need for a comfortable and pleasant quality stay during the vacations. They are namedpetrina’ (stone houses) and were furnished with elegance and style. Each apartment has its private big balcony, from where you may admire the wonderful view to the bay of Pylos and the sunset in the Ionion Sea.

Traganitsa’ apartments offer a beautiful and quiet residence choice while the combination of stone with wood in their construction creates a warm and unique whole. The rooms are spacious; they are ideal for those who travel in family or with friends, for couples as well.

Two more apartments of 48m2 each were built in 1996 in small distance from the ‘stone’ apartments, according to the principles of the local traditional architecture. They are named ‘white’, have their own balcony with view to the sunset in Ionion Sea and direct access to the surrounding place which is full of pine tress.

The apartmentsTraganitsa’ are an excellent choice of stay for your vacation in Messinia, combining modern services with romantic nostalgia, quiet picturesque environment with easy access to the centre of the village.


Friendly Enviroment

...What characterizes the place is the calm, the quietness and the family atmosphere. The landlady, staying in a house near the apartments, seeks constantly to create a comfortable, family and friendly atmosphere, in order to let the visitors enjoy quiet and relaxing holidays.

Thepetrina’ (stone houses) have a sitting room with sofas built to the wall, which can be transformed to single beds, handmade wooden kitchen table, electric stove with 2 hotplates, oven, full kitchen and service equipment, fridge, a coffee machine, jug kettle, bedroom with double bed, bathroom with douche. They could host for 3-4 persons.

Theaspra’ (white houses) have 2 bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace and built to the wall sofas which can be transformed to single beds, air-condition, kitchen table, electric stove with 2 hotplates, oven, full kitchen and service equipment, fridge, a coffee machine, jug kettle, bathroom with douche. They could host 4-5 persons.

Finally, there are laundry facilities in a place next to the house of the owners.

In the central square of the village (300m from the apartments) there is a restaurant-tavern, known as themagazi’, serving local traditional dishes; there is a grocery- bakery and tobacco shop, which stay open until late at night.

The apartments ‘Traganitsa’ are located in a beautiful quite place in one extremity of the village, where peace and calm prevail. In the beautiful nature of the area, with wonderful view, ‘Traganitsa’ apartments are the ideal refuge from the stress and noise of the city. The friendly atmosphere and the comfort they offer will complete in the best possible way your vacations in Western Messinia and make them unforgettable.

If you need more information, dont hesitate to contact us. It’s our pleasure to serve you in anything you need and offer you accommodation and hospitality in our beautiful property.